Beer is poured all over the world in thousands of different types of establishments every day.  Walking into a bar, bottleshop, restaurant, gas station or wherever draft beer is sold, one will see a wall or tower of taps.  Have you ever wondered other than pulling a tap handle what the beer goes through to get into your glass?  Draft systems can be quite complex, from short to small beer lines, to gas blending that helps ensure your beer is poured at the right carbonation.  There are many components to a draft system, but the most important concept, is, how clean is the system. The beer lines, supporting the transmission of beer from keg, to glass, must be clean. Line cleaning, and the scheduling of such, is an important component of delivering the utmost, intended, taste experience. 

At TeKu we designed our draft system to be directdraw from behind the cooler where you see all the taps.  There is a built in gas blender to ensure that your beer has the proper gas ratio to give the beer the correct carbonation and mouthfeel as the brewer specified.  There are also 2 different temperature fridges, so you can enjoy all the aromas, flavors, and umami sensations appropriately depending in the beer style.  

Besides designing a draft system that allows the beer to be showcased as the brewer intended we also have a strict cleaning regime.  As beer is poured through and sits in beer lines, deposits and mircobes start to form in the lines that can affect the beer’s flavor, mouthfeel and aroma.  The lines and all the connecting parts from the keg to the tap handles need to be cleaned regularly to prevent this buildup and to continue to serve the beer as the brewer intended it to be served.  The Brewer’s Association recommends a line cleaning program to take place every 2 weeks, with a full acid cleaning once every three months.  At TeKu Tavern we clean every line in between every beer, or each line once a week if a keg hasn’t turned over.  We go above and beyond industry recommendation to provide you with the best quality beer experience you can get.  

TeKu Tavern also has dedicated lines for certain types of beers.  Sour beers, stouts, and beers with additional strong flavors, along with ciders all have dedicated lines, so as not to impart an unwelcome flavor or infect another beer.

Beyond draft quality and cleanliness, there is another part to enjoying great quality craft, proper/appropriate and clean glassware, along with educated staff that pours the beer properly.  Glassware can have a huge impact on what sensations you perceive while drinking the beer.  From the aromas that are present, to the mouth feel of the beer as it goes from the glass to your mouth.  TeKu Tavern uses the TeKu glass for a majority of its beers, but also pours beers in pilsner glasses for light lagers, nonic pint glasses for cask beer, and regular strength pale ales and IPAs, and German Hefeweizen glasses for wheat beers.  Each glass is designed to allow certain aromas to be released along with how the beer flows into your mouth which can affect the overall mouthfeel.

Since we’re taking so much time cleaning and maintaining our draft system, it is also equally important to serve out of Beer Clean glassware.  Beer clean glassware is free of visible soil and marks, and free of foam-killing residues and aromatics.  The glassware should also be air dried, so as not to add any particles while using a towel to hand dry.  The glassware should also be room temperature, not frozen, or still warm from the dishwasher.  

The last part in obtaining a great glass of quality craft beer is how the server pours the beer.  All of our staff are Cicerone Certified Beer Servers.  They will pour you a glass of beer according to the Cicerone’s guidelines.  This includes tipping the glass so the beer doesn’t foam over and the roper head can be poured, and absolutely NEVER place the tap inside of your glass, with the exception of the cask engine.